Monday, 10 November 2014


November is here and winter is quickly coming. The average temperature has really dropped and I have started wearing winter gear for my night runs, and am still left a little cold the first few kms. It is a nice change from the sweltering and sticky summer but it is still a shock to see my breath in the morning.
Last weekend was Halloween which meant a party for English Club, and a party at the local bar, Shuvis. The English Club party was pretty fun, we listened to Halloween music, went "trick or treating" and played some games. I think the students enjoyed it, although none of them would wear the cat mask I brought in. I think they are scared of the whole costume idea, not sure why. I had fun being Hello Kitty anyways! Some of us ALTs were planning to try the Halloween black burger at Mcdonalds but it was not available on Halloween...Japan loves to offer seasonal foods, but they also take away said foods within very short periods of time, so even though it was Halloween our only seasonal option was the orange and black Mcflurry, which was good anyways!

Dan flew in for the long weekend and we spent a great deal of time at coffee shops, walking and watching movies. It was a really nice, relaxing visit. One of the highlights was taking the train to check out the Sunset Cafe. It is basically a weather worn beach shack from the outside, but the food and warmth inside is inviting, and the view is the ocean, so it was a complete reprieve from city life.

Last weekend I bought my first Manga. I was not a real anime/manga kind of girl before I came to Japan, but as I am now really pursuing the language I decided that reading a manga would be a fun study method. I bought しろくまカフェ。It is a super cute story about a lazy panda and the cafe he frequents. It is also a challenge to read. I am constantly looking up words and writing all over it. Studying Japanese is such a challenge for me. Sometimes I feel like I have taken a step forward, only to then be knocked down. I listened to a sermon from my home church this weekend and it was pretty on spot. It was talking about anxious feelings and how fear doesn't come from God. The JLPT is just a test, and I am just a girl and whatever happens in 39 days I will be drinking an eggnog latte with my family, so cheers to that! 

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