Sunday, 5 October 2014


Last spring I joined a choir with my friend Sarah and one of my JTE's, Yoko. Yoko and I are pretty good friends outside of work, even though she is nearing 60 and I am only 26. Age is totally just a number when it comes to friendship! She is a gem, who loves Korean dramas, drinking beer and performing. So Sarah and I had a blast practicing two songs in Japanese, with dance moves, and then performing at an all Japanese event. Afterwards we even got to wear Kimonos that another lady from the choir lent us and we ate  fresh sushi. It was one of the happiest memories I have had here. A truly Japanese experience that made me feel really at home.
Anyways this past weekend Yoko told me she would be performing a solo, so the school nurse and I decided to go check it out. She is the sweetest woman who is also in my conversation class. For months now she has made an effort to greet me every morning and chat. Even though my Japanese is weak and her English is a bit lower we always end up laughing. She decided to bring along her daughter too, who I had met before at a drinking party we held. 
Back in August I purchased a Yukata, which is a light summer Kimono, and was aching to wear it, her daughter and I both wore our Yukata! We had a ton of fun in our beautiful outfits and I enjoyed the whole Japanese feeling.

The performance was a few hours, with 30 singers performing unique numbers, from power ballads to the classic Japanese anthem "let it go". It was an afternoon of 久しぶり as about 6 members of my old choir unexpectedly performed as well! I was blown away by the talent, and while most of the acts were local there were a few professional singers from Tokyo. 
The performers! 
Now that I have been here over a year I can really say I feel so connected to many wonderful Japanese people. There are so many beautiful people here who really want to get to know foreigners, and it is so special to be able to make memories with them. I have been so blessed to share in their unique culture with them. 

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