Sunday, 22 June 2014

Tigers Game!

I have almost lived here for a full year, that in and of itself is crazy. I have experienced so many things, from my ever changing understanding of this foreign culture to walking on fire. (for real!)
However as time passes my exciting and crazy stories are quickly replaced by new ones, and I feel like I am forgetting some of the more special moments that have happened to me.
So I think it is time for me to make a vested effort in this blog, to serve as a memory of what I have experienced  It is so easy to forget the little moments that make this job, and really this whole cross cultural experience, so worthwhile. 

So to start I will talk about this past weekend. Traveled down to Osaka after work on Friday night and stayed at a cute little guest house kind of outside the main hub(OK, really, really outside the main hub). The main purpose of the trip was to take in a Hanshin Tigers game, but of course the other main purpose in Osaka is the shopping!! Spent too much money, ate incredible Mexican food, drank delicious plum wine and enjoyed catching up with my Aunt, who lives in a town near Osaka city. 
This was my third or fourth time to Osaka and I always enjoy it. It doesn't have the same beauty or tradition as Kyoto, but it ranks up there for being a modern and fun city to crush out a weekend.

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