Thursday, 5 September 2013


I live and work in Japan. What. 
It is so different from what I thought, I am literally a noticeable foreigner. Everyone here stares at me. The students stare with smiles and sometimes offer a peace offering of a, 'kawaii!', the older people stare like I'm from the walking dead. 
It is a weird feeling, to be the outsider. It is like my ethnography class has really come to life, but I digress. Let's update! 

It's been pretty great here in Tottori so far. I have settled into my illiterate life here and I am enjoying it. I live in an apartment with 21 other English teachers, so it's not too lonely. My school is lovely, an academic Senior High School. I am the leader of the English club . I teach 3-5 classes a day and assist teachers with essay marking, speech contests, grammar checks, and everything in between.
After school I have spent a lot of time running. The running is spectacular here. So many open roads leading to more open roads leading back to my little home. When I say little, it's no exaggeration either. It is little. little. little. little. 
I'm still hunting for the perfect cup of coffee though, Japan if your missing something right now, that would be it.

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