Monday, 2 February 2015


I love cafes. I love coffee. and on the weekends I LOVE going out to eat. Little cafes, izakayas, foreign food, etc. etc. I will try it! I have been to my fair share of Tottori restaurants and this post serves as a small review of a few I was at recently. Take from it what you will and go out and stuff your face! Basically you can find all these spots on Google Maps, and all are within 15 minutes on foot from Copo Hestia.
Chocolate lava cake. Runs about 1000円. At a great little bar called Mobs. Open til 2 or 3 am just past the bridge on wakasakaido. Enjoy! 

OK this was at cafe source, which is also on Wakasakaido, and always great! On Sundays they do an all you can eat cake (for real) so go there. Just go, run!! OK the meal you are seeing above includes a bread platter, a small(!!) cheese fondue and two dinner entrees  I got a hamburger steak and D got ribs and fries. The hamburger steak is pretty good, but do not be fooled it is not a real steak. That doesn't exist in Japan, unless you are in Kobe, but that is another post. Anyways the whole meal, including four beers, was under 6000円!! Not bad at all. 

This is at PJs, a legit Indian restaurant just behind Copo Hestia. A lot of JETs whine about PJs suggesting it is 'too expensive'. Basically you get what you pay for. So the curry is about 900円 and then naan or rice is an additional 250円 and if you want a lassi that will put you back about 400円. Basically 20 bucks for an insane meal. The curry is spicy! Be warned! Ask for a low spice level unless you are brave, oh and go for the naan! Oh, do not get the beer on tap. It is old beer in a gross machine that isn't cleaned. I have made that mistake. twice. Do.Not.Do.It!!

So the above picture is at Birds Nest, an amazing cafe just off a side street, behind Cafe Nee.  I normally get the stuffed sandwhich (I have pics of it in older posts). The prices are reasonable and the location is great. My only complaint is that the place is seriously quiet. Like a library. A delicious, and silent, library. Come with a book, not someone who is particularly loud :)
Anyways on S's recommendation I ordered the ice cream cup. It is 400円 and you choose a cookie and a flavour of ice cream. Badda bing, badda boom you get a Japanese style parfait! Delic.  I paired mine with a hot chai.

OK so back to Cafe Nee! It is a favorite spot for most people around here. Other than the CD on repeat they have a great atmosphere. The above picture shows the brunch set. It doesn't ever change much and includes a hot drink, all for 800円. Gets me every time, amazing deal! 

Last but not least is a blurry pic of Dan and I with that epic pancake. It comes from Sunaba coffee, which is just across from the station on the main road. It was amazing! There is ice cream underneath that whipped cream. It will give you diabetes. Eat it! I think it was about 1000円.

That is it. Basically I love food. I also love the cheap prices and happy restaurants in Japan.

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