Saturday, 4 July 2015

Watermelon Race

Team Watermelon! 
Weight lifting pre-game!
I spent a few months in training for a 10km Watermelon race in a nearby town, Hokuei. The race was free for all foreigners(!!) and included a new running shirt- woohoo!! I managed to talk a friend into training with me and kudos to her for starting at square one (no running, ever) to completing the whole 10km!! On race day I was anticipating a small town race but was pleasantly surprised to see the large crowds turning up for the race, with a beautiful course that wound its way up and back through watermelon fields.  I managed to run my best time for a 10km race, and about a week later I hit 3001kms on the Nike Running application I have been using for years. It is an unreal feeling to have been a runner for so long now. It has been one of the best ways for me to get out all my negative energy here too. When I am running my mind and body are free, and for the most part, runners etiquette dictates that a runner is a runner, regardless of race. I am always the foreigner here, but when I am running I am just another runner.
watermelon graveyard
woo!! Done and Done!

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